6 Of the world’s craziest dining experiences. (That you’ll want to try for yourself)

Want a taste for some of the wackiest, out-of-this world dining establishments? In today’s post we’re dishing up a few of our favorites. From dizzying heights to deep sea dining, we’ve lined up a few of the world’s craziest restaurants.

1. The Summer Cave, Italy
If you’re looking for a memorable unconventional restaurant, that’s set in a location completely out of the ordinary, then the Cave wins hands-down. The next time you’re driving through Polignano a Mare in southern Italy, you’ll just have to make an appointment to dine at the Summer Cave.

Summer Cave_Grotta Palazzese, ItalyCarved out of the limestone cliffs, the restaurant juts out 74 feet above sea level, providing breathtaking views of the Adriatic Seas and the night sky.


2. Ithaa, Maldives
If you love fresh seafood, you won’t get any closer than this. “How fresh are they? The fish are so fresh, their next of kin haven’t even been notified!” 😀

Ithaa Restaurant, MaldivesThis couple plans to visit the Maldives soon, (see our recent blog) and when we do Ithaa restaurant at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island resort will be on the menu, (pardon the pun). Ithaa is the world’s first and only all glass undersea restaurant.

We’ll dine 16 feet below sea level with unparalleled 180° views of sea life – nothing like looking your dinner square in the eye.


3. Treepod, Thailand
I remember when I was a kid, we loved to build tree houses and spend our summer days hanging out above the ground. That desire to climb high up into a leafy canopy and find shelter amidst a simple wooden construction is where imagination soared and dreams were born.

Soneva-kiri_TreepodAt Soneva Kiri resort, Koh Kood, Bangkok, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this unforgettable dining experience. Guests are seated in a bamboo pod after being hoisted up into the tropical foliage of Koh Kood’s ancient rainforest. Your waiter (wait for it…) will zip line in with your gourmet order with paired wine, without spilling a drop.


4. Burj Khalifa, Dubai
One of Dubai’s most iconic buildings rises 2,716.5 feet making it the world’s tallest (160 story) skyscraper. So if you’re afraid of heights, then this dining experience may be a little hard for you to swallow.

AT.MOSPHERE_Burj Khalifa_Your gourmet dinner will be served on level 122, recorded by Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘world’s highest restaurant from ground level’.


5. Dinner in the sky
This has to be one of the most bizarre dining experiences I’ve ever come across. According to their website, Dinner in the Sky have created more than 5,000 dinner events in 40 cities around the world.

Dinner in the skyThis floating restaurant is suspended by a crane in midair while strapped-in guests feast on a gourmet meal. (Note to self: hit the washroom ‘before’ you go up).


6. SubliMotion, Spain
Don’t forget your American Express black credit card ’cause you might need it when you grab a meal at SubliMotion. You may know Ibiza as the premier destination for international party people but it’s also home to the world’s most expensive restaurant.

Inside Hard Rock Hotel in Playa de Bossa, SubliMotion’s Michelin 2-star chef Paco Roncero treats guests with up to a 20 course meal, but for a price – $1,673 (U.S.) (ouch!) per person. As you chow down, the humidity and temperature of the room is adjusted throughout the meal—combined with virtual projections on the table and walls, making eating an immersion in a sensory experience.


Back to you
Have you visited any of these restaurants? Or perhaps you’ve experienced one that you can share with us and our readers. Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you.

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