Where to find the best beach in St. Kitts

St. Kitts is fringed by countless stretches of sand, making choices for this island’s best beach, a competitive one. And while travelers no doubt have personal preferences as to what makes a beach swoon-worthy, this couple found their best-of-class at Cockleshell Bay.

While many of our Celebrity Summit brethren head to the nearest overcrowded sandbox, this couple prefers to stray.

We love to see the island whenever we have the chance. If time permits, our target will be the furthest beach from port, this allows us to see more of the island on route. However, I’ll caution you newbie cruisers; cruise ships don’t like to wait for late passengers, so they don’t. Judge your time accordingly. A 3-hour expedition to that tropical lagoon may be the worst decision you’ll make.

The good news is that the ride to Cockleshell Bay beach from port in Basseterre, will only take you (I timed it) 25 minutes. Savvy beach aficionados may find Cockleshell not the most spectacular, but the drive there certainly makes up for it. Actually it was reminiscent of our road trip to the Pacific Coast Highway in California.

Cockleshell beach is at the end of the southeastern peninsula of St. Kitts, and to get there you’ll follow a roller coaster ride of steep hills offering exceptional views of both the Atlantic and Caribbean sea.

Grab a cab outside the port parking lot and negotiate a ride with one of the local cabbies. We’ve always had great luck finding friendly drivers like George, (coordinates below) who are most happy to drop you off and pick you up at a designated time.

It’s not perfect,
but it’s
still a day
at the beach

Cockleshell Bay is a secluded stretch of white sandy beach leading to calm, see-through emerald water. It spans about 2 miles, so it makes for a decent stroll if you get tired of frying on a lounge chair. Speaking of which: lounge chairs paired with sun umbrellas are available at $5 each. A few restaurants will serve you a great lunch, island cocktails along with some ‘very’ cheap local beers, like $2 bucks!

If you’re lucky enough to experience St. Kitts, and need a cab ride to Cockleshell Bay beach, we can certainly vouch for George Richards, our chauffeur for the day. He’s very knowledgeable and is more than happy to share his island with you. George can be reached at 1-869-6641820.

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  1. Scott Sweeney

    Wonderful photos and post! I hope you can get over to Nevis some time in the future. It’s magnificent! My wife and I are a lot like you! Keep traveling!

    • Murray Sye

      Hey Scott, thanks for the compliments. Stay tuned for all the stories and photos from our next trip throughout France and Italy – leaving shortly. Have an amazing day.

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