Tortola’s best beach, Cane Garden Bay

A measly 128 miles east of Puerto Rico surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, lies Tortola. This lush, palm-fringed island is wrapped in clusters of silky sand beaches, with a sea so clear that in the pale turquoise water you can see right through to the sandy bottom.

That might be reason enough to fall in love with Tortola, but our ‘all too brief’ visit to Cane Garden Bay beach simply sealed the deal.

With our ride for the week, Celebrity Summit, tucked safely into port, this couple headed to the beach for the day. Our mission was simple, enjoy all that turquoise water, sun and silky-sand that Cane Garden Bay beach had to offer. While there are countless number of beaches in Tortola to choose from, Cane Garden beach was one that I’d researched and was anxious to see it for myself.

Cruise ships don’t like to wait for late passengers so choose your beach pending the distance from the port. This makes Cane Garden Bay beach alluring for cruise passengers as it’s an easy twenty-minute cab drive from Road Town. Our bundled ride (there were four of us) cost about $50 U.S. total. Try to avoid the frenzied collection of cabbies that will surround you inside the port parking lot, instead head out to the main street in Road Town and grab your ride there.

Taking a cab over a bus is always our preferred choice. First, drivers are always willing to take you there and pick you up at a designated time, so you don’t have to worry about your ride back. Secondly, the drivers we’ve met are really nice people, like Kate (coordinates below). And with your permission they’ll take some time to drive scenic routes (with time prevailing) and will stop for you so you can capture those Kodak moments.

The beach at Cane Garden Bay was amazing as expected. A lovely curved bay of soft white sand stretches for about a half mile or so, which for those wearing a Fitbit makes for a worthwhile walk. There are ample number of beach chairs and umbrellas to purchase for the day and a few restaurants will serve you a great lunch, island cocktails along with some ‘very’ cheap beers, like $3 bucks!

I hope someday you’ll get to enjoy it as much as we did.

If you’re lucky enough to experience Tortola, and need a cab ride to Cane Garden Bay beach, we can certainly vouch for Kate, our chauffeur for the day. She’s very knowledgeable and is more than happy to share her island with you. Kate can be reached at 1-284-544-2551.

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Photos by: ©Murray Sye

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