9 Ways to beat motion sickness on your next cruise

Are you planning your first cruise this winter?

Is the thought of motion sickness making you queasy?

Not to worry, I have the remedy for you. Well not just one, but 9 different ways that you can beat seasickness.

First let me chime in for those newbie sailors about cruising versus seasickness. Sailing throughout the Caribbean will likely be a non issue. “Most new cruisers have no problems with seasickness on our ships, due to their size, navigational avoidance of storms, and stabilizers,” says Royal Caribbean’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Art Diskin.

Regardless, I know some of my readers will have different stories I’m sure. Seasickness may hit one person hard, while others don’t feel a thing. Unfortunately, there are no sure cures to prevent seasickness, however there are plenty of tips and tricks to stop it from ruining a good time. So without further adieu, take these suggestions with you “as a just in case.”

What is seasickness?

Motion sickness occurs when what you see conflicts with what your inner ear senses. In other words, if you’re sitting in a car (not moving) but your inner ear detects movement (the car just hist 70 mph on the highway), the two signals being sent to your brain don’t match. Those mixed signals confuse the brain, and the resulting sensations and symptoms (dizziness, nausea) are the result.


Gin Gins:
Apparently ginger has been the go-to remedy for travel sickness forever. It’s been used as a treatment for motion sickness for centuries (by the ancient Chinese), and although it doesn’t work for everyone, a lot of people find it very effective.





Sailor’s Secret Premium Ginger: What’s great about this all-natural product is that it’s an effective way to treat motion sickness without the drowsiness and other side effects common to many other seasickness medications.







Sea Band Adult Wristband: If you’re looking for something drug free, here’s a possible solution. The easy-to-wear, acupressure-inspired product has a plastic bead that presses against the Nei-Kuan pressure point located on the palm side of the wrist. Effective in curbing nausea and vomiting without any side effects, and it comes in both adult and children’s sizes.




Bonine Motion Sickness Tablets:
Bonine is a popular prescription antihistamine that scores a pretty high rating among users. Chewable tablets treat nausea, vomiting, and dizziness caused by motion sickness. And it doesn’t make you as drowsy as some of the others may.


Scopolamine_transderm scop

Transderm Scop Patch:
This is a popular choice by many cruisers. Applied behind the ear, the prescription patch will help to prevent nausea and vomiting. Like many of these prescription medications, they may cause drowsiness.



Dramamine offers a less drowsy formula reducing your motion sickness without making you feel tired. It is quite a popular choice with positive reviews.



Motion Eaze

Motion Eaze:
Is an all-natural product that relieves motion sickness fast, like in less than 5 minutes. MotionEaze is great for both adults and children with no side-effects.






green apples


Green Apples: You’re kidding right? No, really, green apples are a popular remedy! We can’t vouch for any medical science confirming their impact on seasickness, but many cruisers say eating green apples does work. Maybe that’s why there are plenty of them available on-board.



Add Nevasic to your playlist next time motion sickness hits. Nevasic is effective for symptoms of nausea and vomiting related to a wide range of conditions and treatments including “travel” sickness. All you have to do is download the app, grab your headphones and let Nevasic do the rest. Listen to Nevasic as it delivers audio pulses and frequencies through music.


Now back to you

Do you suffer from seasickness? Do you have any effective remedies that I haven’t mentioned here? Let me know and I’ll pass them on to our readers. In the meantime, happy sailing. Enjoy your cruise.


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  1. Dave

    Look up Nevasic.

    An app you have on your phone – which was clinically trialed by Westminster College of Medicine and the results published in the Journal of Travel Medicine.

    The abstract quotes “provided significant protection against motion sickness”.

    What’s more – it’s drug free, side effect free and non-ingested – buy it once you’ve got it for life.

    Now – who’s for swallowing something?

  2. Dave

    Thanks Murray

    When you say “I’ll leave Nevasic up to our readers to investigate” – does that mean you’ll add it to the list and as stated above “Let me know and I’ll pass them on to our readers. “?

    It would sit well under the apples…


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