4 Travel resources you should know about

Are you a travel junkie looking for ways to save money on your next trip?

Mary and I are constantly on the lookout for deals that will help extend our travel budget and prolong our travel addiction.

Admittedly, there are hundreds of online resources providing a ton of advice and a hundred and one options. The problem is that there are a hundred and one options coming from a hundred and one directions. And sometimes too much can be a little overwhelming.

In today’s post, we’ve eliminated the potential for further confusion by sharing only three of our go-to sites: save on flights, save on accommodation, save on transportation, and one that may help you save time and frustration at the airport.

Go for it, they may work for you.

The quest for cheap flights

The next time you’re on the lookout for a cheap flight (okay who isn’t), I want you to try Momondo. Admittedly, you can find literally hundreds of travel sites offering a similar service, but Momondo makes it easier than most.

Momondo has won numerous awards for the best flight comparison site and has been recommended by CNN and New York Times. Momondo searches across airlines, travel sites and low-cost carriers, to find the best flight prices, and direct you ‘for free’ to the companies that sell them.

Momondo sifts through hundreds of options to show you the cheapest departure and arrival dates, the best balance between price and flight time, and reveals how factors such as days to departure and seasonality affect your fare.

Finding accommodation

Even if you haven’t experienced Airbnb, you’ve no doubt heard of them. With Airbnb you rent unique places to stay from local hosts.

Founded in 2008, San Francisco based, Airbnb has grown to be a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations in more than 34,000 cities and 190 countries around the world.

What we love about Airbnb, outside of saving money of course, is the opportunity to stay in unique accommodations. Don’t get me wrong, we still love the pampering we receive with an overnighter (or two) at a luxury hotel.

But visualize this.

Heading to Cote d’Azur? How about a weekend in a charming Caravan for $126 per night? Or cuddle up in a Hawaiian Topical Tree House at $200 per night. Feeling eclectic? The choice is yours to enjoy.

Railpass anyone

When Mark Smith travels, he sits in Seat 61. It’s something of a tradition. When Smith treats himself to Eurostar’s first class, he always requests seat 61 (in cars 7, 8, 11 or 12) ensuring that his seat lines up with the window, and a cozy pair of seats facing each other across a table complete with a lamp.

Seat61 was born and since 2007 Smith’s award-winning website offers guidance to travelers who are looking for an option to flying.

Finding out about train travel has become frustratingly difficult, if not downright impossible. Although many people would prefer a more civilized, comfortable, interesting, adventurous, romantic, scenic, historic, exciting, less stressful and more environmentally friendly way to travel, the travel industry only wants to sell you flights. Leaving little information about rail and ferry available.

No so at Seat61.

Smith and his Seat61 is jam-packed with information for train journeys from UK to Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Russia and every other country in Europe. And, how about reaching places like Morocco, Tunisia, Ibiza, Corsica, Crete or Malta by combining train and ferry?

You can buy train tickets, ferry tickets and rail passes and even book a hotel right from his site.


Save time and frustration

If your flight’s delayed, you’d want to know about it immediately. Well you can, if you have FlightTracker app on your iPhone or Android and most recently tablet. Newly updated FlightTrack 5 color-codes your flights so you can quickly know whether to get out your boarding pass or head to the lounge for breakfast.

FlightTracker combines all your flights into one place. Travel can be chaotic enough, so FlightTrack 5 tries to maintain some order, like grouping your flights for upcoming trip hopping around Europe. And, FlightTrack can help keep you informed of your friends’ and family’s flights too. You can even share your journey home through real-time animation of your flight path.

FlightTrack includes features like push notifications and terminal maps helping to keep you informed of every flight delay and gate change.

There you have it. Four of go-to sites that we find helpful. How about you? What are some of your favorites? Don’t be shy, we’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Milena

    Just started using AirBnB and I love it! When it comes to flights, I usually book them through kayak.es (I choose .es as the prices can vary, depending on what language you choose – Spanish seems to show the best offers) 🙂

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