10 Travel blogs to inspire and motivate

Have you been afflicted with the ‘travel bug?’

Are you always on the lookout for travel insider tips and tricks, stories, advice and yes maybe some inspiration from other like-minded individuals?

Fortunately the blogosphere offers no shortage of appetizing destinations and travel bloggers to aspire to. In today’s post, I’m sharing ten eclectic blogs from travel and photo bloggers that we think are pretty awesome and worthy to follow.

Maybe you want to learn how others manage to travel cheaper, take better photos, suggestions on how to travel with your kids, turn your dream of travel into reality and start a business or a bustling travel blog.

So here you go, in no particular order, our top ten. We hope you find any one of these blogs worth following.

Everything Everywhere

If you’re combining your passion for photography with your travel blog, then you’ll certainly garner inspiration from Gary Arndt. Gary started his journey in 2007 after selling everything to travel the world. Since then he’s traveled to over 105 countries and all 7 continents. During that time he went from being a novice to an award winning photographer (travel photographer of the year, 2013, 2014, 2015) with a collection of over 20,000 travel photos.

Art Wolfe

Art gets close and personal with his unique and colorful images. His unique approach to photography is based on his Arts training and his love of the environment. By employing artistic and journalistic styles, he documents his subjects and educates the viewer. Wolfe has taken an estimated two million images in his lifetime and travels nearly nine months out of the year photographing for new projects, leading photographic tours and seminars, and giving inspirational presentations.

Uncornered Market

Husband and wife team Audrey and Dan are full-time storytellers, combining their writing with photography. They left their home in San Francisco to follow their dream. 15 years later they’ve turned what was to be a creative sabbatical into a business and lifestyle of exploring and sharing stories through their blog and social media channels, and on stage at conference events.

Where’s Sharon

Don’t let your small children hold you back from living out your passion to travel. That is an excuse that Sharon and her husband don’t share. Along with their two children, this couple offers destination-specific advice, but also general tips on money, flying with kids and preparing to travel, creating a well-rounded travel blog ideal for families traveling with children.

Hither & Thither

Who says you can’t combine your travel blog with lifestyle interests. Ashley and Aron Bruhn have succeeded at doing just that. Hither & Thither is a neatly created blog, full of musings about their travels, delicious food, family, fashion, and design. The Bruhns share their observations on places with original photos that help to personalize each story – you’ll feel like you’ve gone out of town yourself.

Nomadic Matt

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to travel cheaper, turn your dream trip into a reality, save money, or travel the world, Nomadic Matt should be on your playlist. Matts website certainly inspired us. Matt will show you (among other things) how you can save money and travel the world on a budget and in comfort.

Hecktic Travels

It was 2009 when Canadian couple Dalene and Pete Heck initiated a life of perpetual travel. They gave up their life of corporate ladder-climbing by day and retreating to the suburbs by night to follow their passion for travel. Along the way, Dalene shares stories featuring Pete’s beautiful photography and video, stories of meeting new people, feasting on new foods and experiences.

We Said Go Travel

We Said Go Travel offers an extensive collection of travel writers who feed their stories of adventure into this inspiring online space. You’ll experience not just one or two writers with their points of interest, but multiple authors from a global community each with their own writing styles, sharing their experiences and favorite destinations. I encourage you to find a destination that hasn’t been reviewed on this website, it’s that extensive.

The Blonde Abroad

A California native, Kiersten Rich gave up her career in corporate finance to become a world traveler. She gave up her “big girl” job and channeled her energy into her two biggest passions: photography and storytelling. Since then, she’s traveled to 40 countries writing about everything from the ultimate carry-on packing guide to a Yacht Week beginners guide.

Different Doors

Husband and wife travel bloggers, Revati and Charles Victor from Mumbai open different doors. That is to say, unique experiences, new ways of discovering even the most popular and mainstream of destinations. Revati and Charles have a passion for writing, food, photography and yes, travel. Open up Different Doors where you’ll find some lesser known but extremely interesting things along the way.


All of these bloggers have been traveling and blogging for quite some time. If you’re just starting out (like us at CiaoMary) don’t be discouraged, let them inspire you to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do. We welcome your suggestions about your favorite travel blogs too. So don’t be shy, flip us your comments.

Top ‘Featured Image’ at Kotor, Montenegro, by Murray Sye.
All other images are property of their respective websites.

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