Canadians can fly for less with NewLeaf

Hey Canadians, want to fly for less? You can as of February 12, 2016. That’s when newbie airline NewLeaf takes flight offering a ‘no-frills’ ultra low-cost service.

Okay, for starters you’re limited to a small number of airports. So, if you’re not in the vicinity of the seven that they service, then NewLeaf is not going to help you.

We’re always on the lookout for cheaper air travel and NewLeaf offers just that, cheap travel. From what I read, everything is an add-on. Even printing your boarding pass at the airport will cost you $10! Wow.

So how good is it?

As earlier stated, flights will only run out of five provinces: Nova Scotia (Halifax Airport), Ontario (Hamilton), B.C., (Abbotsford and Kelowna), Saskatchewan (Saskatoon and Regina), and Manitoba (Winnipeg). As for the price tag? As low as $79 one-way (as advertised on their site), which actually includes all airline fees and taxes. But, you knew this was coming, there is a catch.

Other than servicing a limited number of Canadian airports is that the $79 fee will get your bum into a seat and that’s about it. All other incidentals, like a bag of nuts, will cost you. But that’s just one of the ways NewLeaf is trying to save you money. Most everything will come with a price tag. For example, you are free to bring a personal bag on board, so long as it tucks neatly under your seat. Otherwise all carry-on bags will cost you $35 as well as your first checked bag. However, you can save money by doing all of this ahead of time on your computer at home.

They’re out to save you money
and they mean it

To keep the costs down, NewLeaf does not use any booking sites. They sell direct to the customer and a small number of exclusive partners. I wasn’t joking about the bag of nuts either. Any snacks or food you wish to eat on the plane will also come with a price tag. Want to pick your seat? That’ll cost you. Board front of the line with priority seating? Ka-ching!

NewLeaf may not be for everyone, especially if your not in Canada. But, for Canadians looking to shave costs to get from Toronto to Halifax for example, this may just be the ticket.

UPDATE: As of January 30, 2016 – NewLeaf is on hold until CTA (Canadian Transport Agency) approves. In the meantime, NewLeaf needs immediate support to accelerate the review by The Canadian Transport Agency of Indirect Air Service Providers, like NewLeaf Travel Company.

Sign the petition: This is your opportunity to send a message to CTA that you support the opportunity to choose an ultra low cost air travel option and want action.

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